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Hello Again

Hi all. I have been putting off updating my website for a loooooong time. I realize that I launched it just before Armageddon hit in March 2020 and needless to say, a lot has changed since then. As one of my first re-start projects, I’m going to be posting a bunch of articles that I’ve written during over the past couple of years, and of course, direct you to my regular column at SteynOnline. I think I posted a couple of the columns that I wrote there when I first started that gig, and now I’m proudly the In House Jewish Mother for the Great Prophet Steyn. I’m also doing as much freelance as I’m able in addition to all the regular domestic duties and blessings of my life.

As I figure out how to use my mic and fiddle with audio, I’ll go back to “podcasting”. I can’t say that I was a very successful podcaster at first but that is a direct result of how little time I put into it! However, doing more interviews and posting them is still on my to-do list because it was a lot of fun. I have to find the other three files I did back then and throw them up here as well.

It will probably take me a while to get back into regular posting and tarting up this site a bit. Looks a bit drab! My other web plans include importing my other two, old Blogger blogs and archiving them here.

Thanks to everyone who has stayed in touch over the past couple of years and to readers of my columns and essays. More to come!

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