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My Podcast Interview With the Great Daniel Greenfield-Sultan Knish!

I consider Daniel Greenfield, otherwise known as The Sultan Knish, to be one of the very best English language writers/bloggers in the world. His writing is infused with his wise and old Jewish soul, with depth and lyricism and with a magnificent underlying knowledge and reverence for Judaism, the Jewish people, the Land of Israel and the G-d of Israel. I’ve actually welled up with tears many times after reading his essays.

There is something quite magical about the way he consistently combines richly illustrative historical and contemporary references with extreme deference to Jewish teachings. He also has an unshakable and unapologetic commitment to Jewish survival. He is a proud Jew, he is a serious and learned Jew, and this makes him a unique contributor to the contemporary English language literary landscape-especially on the web.

He is a Jewish writer of consequence and it was my pleasure to spend some times speaking to him earlier this year.

Please have a listen to our interview!

I hope you enjoy it.

This is interview 4 out of 6 of my first season of the podcast.

The last two in the series will be posted in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned!

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