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Lychees On A Friday

Had a glorious treat today after a busy week. I had a chance to take a long walk with the sun sort of shining and picked up some beautiful fresh fruit at a nearby market. And as I walked along the street with my bag of gorgeous goodies, my mood lifted significantly.

Up till then, I was festering about my usual festerfood.

What’s on my mind?

The usual disgusting antics of the left.

Then there’s this Jew-hating dummy who can’t even get the number of Rabbis right. It was 72, you antisemitic jerkoff (which corresponds obviously to 18 ‘chai’ times 4). DUH!!!

Eurabia is doomed.

Here’s another story du jour…charming.

More thoughts on Germany here.

Another right wing Twitter account bites the dust.

An afternoon smile here.

More SUNNY WAYS from the Libranos.

The left loathes the disabled. That’s why they spend so much time quibbling about words like “retard”, or “moron”. They only care about relatively inconsequential conversations about vocabulary and not about actual human beings.

Lastly: would you rather listen to a Clinton speak about diarrhea in Africa (WAVING AT YOU MARK STEYN) or watch a new Clinton/Clinton television show or documentary or full length feature film? You don’t really have to answer that…

Shabbat Shalom, people.

Try to focus on the good.

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