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“It’s The Contempt, Stupid.”

Another little cluster of essays that explain current voting trends.

First of all, from Spiked (which is great, and if you don’t read it, you should):

Why opinion polls keep getting it wrong.

This piece gets a lot of stuff right.

I would add as well that part of it is a “wishful thinking” bubble for media types within the bubble. It genuinely never occurs to them that they are wrong, so they never consider that someone with an opposite view could be right. They hate people with an opposing view. They celebrate diversity, except for diversity of thought and opinion. They love multiculturalism except for Western host country culture, natch.

If you hold the “wrong”/stupid people opinion, they openly sneer at you, and first use all their media toys to disparage you (“deplorables”) and then have a hissy fit and use all their state tools to “correct” how you stupid people voted come hell or high water.

This is why the trend in democratic elections is, as Mark Steyn PBUH, puts it, for the base to get itself a new base.

In other words, “it’s the contempt, stupid“.

Caroline Glick’s masterful essay is so concise and so clear-you must read it! I’ve read it three times already and still love every paragraph.

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