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The Writing on the Wall (And the ‘Net)

Jews are a smart people for the most part. The People of the Book etc. But when they bury their heads in the sand, particularly about serious antisemitic threats in their midsts, they are so willfully dumb that it is hard to find the right words to describe them but I’ll try!

I’m going to share some news articles that I’ve saved for a post such as this. Again, I apologize that my posts are not as regular as I would like, but there are many competing interests for my time! Still there are a bunch of links that I think indicate where we are at, and where we are going as a civilization and I always wonder if I’m the only one who sees these things in the same kind of constellations that I do.

Let’s start.

Here’s a news story showing how the BBC is running interference for Jew-hating Palestinians. They think we are so stupid that we would not understand that “Yahudi” means “Jews” and not “Israelis”-not that that makes it any better. But still, this is how stupid they think you are. These people are proud, not ashamed of hating Jews and wanting to murder them. How dare the BBC try to soften the message that they actually believe in. Who are you going to believe? The BBC translators/liars or your own lying ears?

Here’s what happens and what you get when you bring members of this delightful culture to the West and then elect them to your highest offices of political representation.

Jews are still being hunted. Mostly in Europe but it’s going to get worse in North America as well. And even when the Jew-hating hunters are caught, the judiciary shrugs.

But Jews, my people remain unconvinced of the dangers. Like these folks in Germany who had wonderful multicultural dreams for their little boy.

“Recently, the Michalskis’ youngest son became the third generation of the family to learn that telling people he is Jewish could cause problems. The boy — whose parents asked that he be called by one of his middle names, Solomon, to protect his privacy — had attended a Jewish primary school in Berlin. But he didn’t want to stay in such a homogeneous school for good, so just before he turned 14, he transferred to a public school that was representative of Germany’s new diversity — a place, as Gemma described it, where he “could have friends with names like Hassan and Ahmed.”

Hey Jews! Hassan and Ahmed are not into you.

In fact, Jews: Germany is not into you as well. Apparently, antisemitism in Germany is a result of Jews looking too Jewy! Who knew?

And the answer is not “wearing a kippah in solidarity”. This is a very foolish idea.

The answer is actually for Jews to get out while they can, with suitcases and not in coffins. And this latest German made “Solution” for the Jews is so stupid that it is contemptible.

And further to the idea of antisemitism never being “just” about the Jews, we can see that where it’s not safe for Jews, it is not safe for gays. Multiculturalism faces off with liberalism and sexual orientation issues right here and right now. Societies cannot “have it all”, there are choices being made right now, lines being drawn in the sand and through our neighbourhoods.

Would you like your antisemitism more local (if you’re in North America)? Look no further than many North American college campuses to get a supersized dose.

Is there no hope? Is Europe a lost cause? Britain and France are likely doomed, but fortunately, the only existential threat to Jews on a macro level is from Iran, directed as Israel. (More localized antisemitic threats, including the will to decimate and bereave every Jewish family on the planet, one at a time, and to murder as many Jewish individuals as possible is present all over the world.) But it is certainly interesting that there is more virulent antisemitism in Europe and North America than there is even among certain pockets of Palestinians.

The Corbynization of the American left is near complete, and I firmly believe it will get much worse before there’s any chance of it getting better: North American Jews take note.

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