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My Interview With American Author, Attorney and Historian Stephen P. Halbrook, Ph.D.

You are all in for a real treat! Let me first tell you how I got to Stephen Halbrook in the first place…

I was looking through the great Instapundit’s site one day and he mentioned a book whose title sparked immediate interest: Gun Control in the Third Reich-Disarming the Jews and Enemies of the State. As soon as I saw it I said to myself, I gotta get this. I picked it up and was not disappointed, in fact I loved it, pretty much every single word of it and the punctuation, too.

Halbrook clearly and systematically laid out many of the inconvenient facts that so many leftist Jews do not want to hear about. It’s something that I have written about many times before. It’s the fact that “hate speech” did not “cause” the Holocaust or “lead” to the Holocaust. The roots of the Holocaust in Germany, aside obviously from a long-seated history of religious antisemitism, were that Jews’ civil rights were stripped away, and then their weapons were stripped away as well. They became humans with no civil rights and no way of defending themselves.

It’s another inconvenient fact that when Jews had weapons, they used them and caused significant damage. And this is in fact, the main lesson of the Holocaust: Jews need weapons, the best and the strongest weapons, and have to be the best at using them, developing them and yes-deploying them when necessary. Jews need to be Maccabees and Jews need Israel and the IDF.

Stephen is a wonderfully intelligent guy and it was a pleasure to talk to him, especially considering how much I loved his book, and his whole way of looking at Jews and guns during that pre-WW2 period. Super duper stuff.

He is a prolific author and I could have easily spent hours talking to him. In fact, we’d like to do it again sometime so if you like what you here, remember that I’m soon going to be rolling out ways for you to directly support of this podcast/interview series so you’ll have a way of having an influence and impact on how far and wide I can spread ideas out there…

His web site is here, and I urge you to visit and familiarize yourself with his work and extensive research interests.

I have several other great interviews to share with you in the coming weeks and I’d love to hear your feedback!

Click here to listen!

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