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I Pray You Will Always Be on the Side of Giving

My husband is a very smart guy, I’m very lucky. And sometimes, he throws out these zingers that really make the important things clear in a nanosecond. We were taking a walk on Shabbat with my disabled son and he mentioned that he had run into a child we know who successfully battled leukaemia and, thank G-d, beat it. When this child was in the hospital, we supported the family in several ways including our prayers, hospital visits, checking in on his treatment and arranging meals. I mentioned to my husband that I felt pretty happy that while he was ill, that we were able to do a lot. I was kind of fishing for a compliment, you know-you’re so wonderful wifey of mine kind of thing.

But husband, sensible as he is, let out a brief sigh and said “Halevai, you should always be on the side of giving”. Halevai is kind of the Hebrew/Jewish “God-willing” and “the side of giving” or the giving side sounds better in Hebrew. But the main gist of it is how lucky it is to be the human who gives and not to need to receive whatever help and support it is, for whatever reason. Today, Mother’s Day, I was lucky enough to also be able to participate in a similar mitzvah for a family that experienced a tragedy. To be on the giving side is a real blessing. A lot of these giving opportunities, mitzvot (commandments, and not “good deeds” as they are often wrongfully translated) are mandated by Jewish law and spelled out very clearly-visiting the sick is a big one. And like so many mitzvot, like giving charity (tzedakah is also wrongly translated as charity, it’s actually from the root ‘justice’ in Hebrew) it always ends up being good and sometimes better for the soul of the giver than the well-being of the recipient.

Anyway, speaking of Jews, a few people e-mailed me about one of the Trifecta of Jew-Hating Shrews and her latest disgusting emission about the Holocaust. First of all, Tlaib can’t comprehend that the Shoah is not about her. And she won’t ever understand that-by choice.

I agree with this sentiment: the Palestinians have given the Jews nothing but death.

A lot of people on Twitter are suggesting that she is an idiot or ignorant. That is a very big mistake. Her sentiments are very mainstream for the far left and most anti-Israel activists spread the lie that the modern state of Israel was born because of the Holocaust, displacing the Palestinians. The Holocaust happened BECAUSE we didn’t have the modern state of Israel. So the lesson of the Holocaust is not “Never Again”, it’s that Jews need to be heavily armed, and use all of our collective brains to use primarily to defend ourselves and also for the betterment of humanity. It means best weapons in our hands. Period. Never Again without weapons, Never again without Israel.

Modern Jew-haters and Israel-haters reject the notion that Jews are indigenous to Judea and Samaria. So please, don’t make the mistake of calling any of the Trifecta of Jew-Hating Shrews stupid. They are not. They are putting out all the trial balloons that will push the Democratic party in America to Corbyn plus levels.

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