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My Chat With Barbara Kay

I’m sure you all know this already because I have totally fan-girled about this great lady many times in the past, but just in case it wasn’t clear, I just love Barbara Kay.

She is a wonderful person and a tremendous writer, and always writes from the heart. She is unafraid to tackle contentious issues, and draws from an incredible range of literature, history, life experience and hard-won personal wisdom when she writes. She’s also a blast to hang out with in person. I recently sat down with Barbara and we had a right-wing-Jewish-mom love-in of conversation here in Toronto.

You can find Barbara on Twitter @BarbaraRKay and her web site is here. She’s also a regular columnist for Canada’s National Post on the CBC (!!) and The Post Millenial among many others.

You can listen to our full conversation right here:

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