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Welcome To My New Site!

Hey there!

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaack.

Welcome to my new web site, where I will be posting my regular spleen-venting, articles, ideas and wait for it…PODCASTS! Yes-instead of just reading my stuff, you’ll be able to listen in on conversations that I’ve been having with super smart people.

Barbara Kay, my very first guest, asked me what the thing is with podcasts-like why do a podcast? I told her when we met up that podcasts are great for so many reasons. I like listening to podcasts as I commute to work, or do household chores. I like learning new things in my downtime. But also, I think podcasts give people access to individuals that they otherwise would have no opportunity of engaging with. Also, there is something truly magical about the human voice, and how it penetrates into the human brain. We learn in an auditory fashion well before we can read or write, and listening to the human voice gives your brain a chance to envision things-people, places, ideas. It’s very different than presenting something visually or in writing. It’s a primal thing, an imaginative thing and I love the medium.

Now Barbara, goddess of smartness that she is, has lots of other smart people in her social circles and has interesting conversations with interesting people all the time. But what if you’re someone without a huge social circle? What if you are somewhat isolated intellectually or socially or geographically due to whatever personal circumstance surrounds you? Or what if you’re just curious about so many things but aren’t a book person, or a TV person? Podcasts give you an incredible sensory window into a limitless amount of knowledge and insight.

I decided to call my podcast Common Sensei: The Laura Rosen Cohen show because I dig common sense. It’s not so common anymore so I’m going to be seeking out the people that I think have it in large quantity-BIGLY. And I’m going to bring those conversations to you. I hope you like them.

In the meantime, I thought you might like this picture I took of Rosh Hanikrah in northern Israel.

I know the order of the posts are a little wonky now, but in the coming weeks I’ll smooth out all of my technical bumps. I look forward to hearing your feedback on my interview with Barbara. I have a bunch of other interviews that I’ll be posting in the coming weeks as well!

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